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  Instruments for Dentistry
  Equipment and furnishing of medical practices


Facility management & Building automation
  Power engineering
    Compressed air filters & Compressed air treatment
    Gas supply plants
    Current supply plants
    Water supply plant
    Sick-room installation
    Compressed air installations
    Emergency power installation & plants
  Sewage Removal & Recycling
    Waste disposal equipment for disposable products
    Waste presses
    Presses for valuable materials
    Refrigerating systems for medicaments
    Ventilating plants
    Ice machines
    Air conditioning plant
    Cooling cabinets
    Mortuary body stores
  Cleaning of hospitals & doctor's offices
  Safety engineering
    Fire fighting installations
    Smoke & fire alarm systems
    Room safeguarding installations
    Automatic doors & gates
    Access control systems
  Facility management
  Handling systems
    Handling systems


Information and communication technology
  IT services
    Health nets & practise nets & hospital nets
    Planning of IT infrastucture for hospital & surgery
    Scan service
  IT hardware
    Terminals & Monitors
    Laptops & notebooks
    Patient cards & Chip cards
    Data media
  Communication technology
    Television sets for patients´rooms
    Public address systems
    Visual call systems
    Emergency call systems
    Operating room television sets & x-ray television sets
    Paging systems & Personnel call systems
    Video conference systems
    Job cost recorders
    Information systems for medical practices
    Hospital information systems
    Software for image processing and archiving
    Software for shift planning & shift plan preparation
    Software for hospital administration
    Software for patient documentation
    Software for patient management and accounts
    Software for pharmacies
    Software for material management and logistics

Hospitals & practices & pharmacies
  Medical and hospital supplies & Disposables
    Acupuncture needles
    Protective masks for respiration
    Eye shades
    Secretion disposal
    Personal hygiene and cosmetics for patients
    Sterile bags
    Warm-cold compresses
    Hot water bottles
  Professional clothing
    Single-use gloves
    Disposable clothing
    Professional clothing for medical employees
    Surgeon's gloves
    Surgeon's hats and masks
    Operation clothing
    Clean room clothing
    Shoes for medical employees
  Equipment and furnishing
    Waste bins & recycling systems & waste pails
    Treatment chair
    Lighting installations
    Equipment for pharmacies
    Equipment for blood banks
    Equipment for canteen kitchens
    Instrument cabinets
    Delivery room furniture
    Medicament cupboards
    Furniture & equipment for office & waiting room
    Autopsy table-system
    Operating tables
    Operating table peds
    Nursing beds
    Praxis boards & Nameplates
    Other equipment for sick-rooms
    Food transport trolleys
    Toilet seats
    Examination chairs & operations chairs
    Medicine trolleys
    Medicine trolleys
  Mattresses & bed linen
    Disposable bed linen
    Mattresses for hospitals
    Aids for positioning
    Mattresses for hospitals
    Pillows and pads
  Medical instructional material
    Training models
  Medical lights
    Cold light sources
    Light sources
    Operation lights
    Examination lights
  Partition walls & Folding partitions
  Sanitary equipement for sick-rooms
  Sterilizing & Disinfection & Autoclaves
  Dressing material
    Elastic bandages
    Plaster of Paris bandages
    Dressing bandages
    Dressing splints
    Trauma coverages & artificial skin
    Laundry service
    Patient clothings
    Laundry equipment
    Laundry collecting plants

Medical care & Nursing
  Drainage systems
  Protective systems for incontinence
    Single-use slips
    Single-use bedding protection
    Single-use urine bottles
    Urine receptacles
    Ureteric catheters

Laboratory & Diagnostic
  Service for Laboratories
    Analyses and medical reports
    Validity check
  Enzymes & hormones & viruses
    Hematologist reagents
  Diagnosis equipment
    Blood picture differentiation
    Blood gas analysis
    Glucose determination
    Urine diagostics
    Hemoglobin determination
    Immunoglobulin determination
    Lactate determination
    Tumor markers
  Clinical chemistry
    Allergy tests
    Bacteriological tests
    Quick tests for immunochemistry
  Laboratory equipment
    Analyzing devices
    Filtration systems
    Disposables for laboratories
    Laboratory cooling equipment
    Laboratory devices for water treatment
    Accessories for laboratories
    Mixers & stirrers & shakers

Medical appliances
  Suction equipment
    Suction equipment for chirurgie
  Anesthesia devices
    Infustion sets
    Anesthesia hoses
    Accessories for anaesthesia and reanimation
    Ocular instruments
    Eye rinsing bottles
    Ophtalmology (instruments & equipment)
    Ophtalmological laser systems
    Aids to vision
  Haemodynamometry/blood pressure measurement
  Blood flow measurement
  Blood transfusion / Transfusion technology
    General surgical instruments
    Surgical drills/trephines
    Surgical needles/acuses
    Surgical pins & plates & screws
    Surgical tweezers
    Surgical scissors
    Surgical forceps
    Surgical suture material
    Disposable instruments
    Plaster saws & plaster shears
    Instruments for abdominal surgery
    Instruments for dermatology
    Instruments for minimal invasive surgery
    Instruments for thorax surgery
    Instruments for orthopedics & traumatology
    Bone saws & bone trephines & bone files
    Chisels for surgery
    Microsurgical instruments
    Scalpel & accessories
  Diagnostic instruments
    Sleep diagnosis
  Electroencephalographs (EEG)
  Electocardiography (ECG)
    Accessories for ECG
  Electromedical equipment
    Accessories for endoscopy
    Instruments for the ENT area
    Instruments for larynx & pharynx & trachea
    Otoscopes & instruments for ear medicine
    Surgical implants
  Infusion engineering
    Cardiac catheters
  Laser surgery
  Nuclear medicine
    Nuclear medicine equipment
    Radiation detectors
    Radiation measuring equipment & dosimeters
  Patient monitoring & telemetry
    Mobile x-ray examination equipment
    X- ray radiation equipment
    X-ray generators
    X-ray protection material & x-ray protection facilities
    X-ray accessories
    In-patient x-ray examination equipment
    Digital X-ray units
  Oxygen equipment
    Muscle stimulators
    Nerve stimulation
  Thermographic equipment
    Computer tomography
    Nuclear scanners
    Nuclear resonance scanners
  Supersonic diagnostic equipment
  Components for medical equipment

Emergency medicine
  Ambulance jets
  Emergency room & functional room equipment
  Ambulance car & Patient Transport Ambulance equipment
  First aid sets
  Medical special-purpose vehicles
  Mobile surgeries and hospitals

  Orthopedic bandages
    Fracture straps
    Joint bandages
    Compression stockings & supporting stockings
    Congestion bandages
    Supporting bandages & surgical corsets
  Orthopedic cushions
  Orthopedic shoes

  Electrotherapy equipment
    Stimulation current
    Magnetic waves therapy & biofeedback
  Inhalation equipment
  Laser therapy
  Medical bathrooms
    Fango processing; Moor processing; Mud processing;
    Medical bath additives
    Accessories for hydro therapy (f.e. hoses & massage jet)
    Extension desks & repositioning desks
    Massage couches & therapy couches
  Mobility aids
    Straightening aids
    Fold-away wheelchairs
    Motor vehicles or motor vehicle conversion
    Wheelchairs with & without actuation
    Other walking and standing aids
    Staircase lifts
  Rehabilitation devices
    Breathing practise equipment
    Treatment couches
    Ergometry measuring desks
    Extension equipment
    Gymnastics equipment & accessories
    Physicotherapeutic massage equipment
    Therapeutical game systems
  Supersonic therapy equipment
  UV-radiation equipment & IR radiation equipment
  Thermotherapy equipment

Health care service
  Accounting services
  Consulting services
  Research institutes
  Hospital logistics systems
  Planning services
    Laboratory planning
  Testing of medical equipment & certification of medical equipment
  Quality management
  Certification for clinic and practices
  Information media

Veterinary medicine
  Instruments for veterinary surgery
  Furnishing for medical practices
  Veterinary X-ray devices
    Mobil veterinary X-ray devices

Wellness & Lifestyle
  Therapeutic equipment
  Diagnostic equipment
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