In e-meditec - the database of german suppliers of medical technology - you'll find products, addresses, and company profiles of more than 5000 companies (manufcaturers, service, trade) from all market segments of medical technology.

For the most important areas / markets you'll find powerful and export-oriented german manufacturers and suppliers in this database. From leading medium sized specialists up to well known big business the companies are classified to the following product areas:

Facility management & Building automation
Information and communication technology
Hospitals & practices & pharmacies
Medical care & Nursing
Laboratory & Diagnostic
Medical appliances
Emergency medicine
Health care service
Veterinary medicine
Wellness & Lifestyle

Different from general search engines in e-meditec as a business-to-business search engine a carefully selected list of about 500 specific search terms is used. So more precise searching leads to well-suited results.

And you'll get a complete market survey about medical technology "Made in Germany" from traditional medical technology about laboratory & diagnostic to rehabilitation.

This is based on the long-term experience of well skilled experts from the health market and their special knowledge about B"B databases and search engines.

Status: 2017

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